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1. As part of a pilot program, Orange County Corrections has agreed to open up iCare to all inmates who are getting deposits into their account and maintaining a spendable balance. 

2. As is the case now, inmates will be authorized to receive no more than two (2) iCare packages per week; orders beyond two will be held over for delivery the during the following week(s).

3. All dietary and weekly store amount restrictions will still apply

4. Housing NOT eligible for iCare are Main 1st floor J,M & N; Main 5th floor A, B, C & D; Main 6th floor B, BRC 1st floor A, B, C & D; FDC L Dorm

5. iCare purchased gift packages are to be delivered to the housing areas on the usual delivery days as found on the Delivery Schedule page.

6. If an inmate's name does not show up when placing the order, one of the above criteria applies and you will not be able to use the service

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